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Originally this was a capstone project for my senior year at Th eNEw Jersey Institute of Technology. My team was working in conjunction with the Biomedical Research Facility to create a virtual reality game for children with an eye impairment called, "convergence insufficiency". Eyes of Ra is a game that asks the player to focus on the target ahead as they slowly approach the player. The white circles you will see are called, "Gabor patches", These patches force the user to use certain parts if their eyes when looking at the targets. This is also a visual cue to show the player what they are supposed to be concentrating on. The game at this point is playable on the PC for demonstration purposes. The original product was showcased at the NJIT Fall 2016 Capstone Showcase where it received first prize. It ran on a patented system of cameras to allow hands-free position tracking using the user's eye and a headset alone


EyesofRa.zip 105 MB

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