A downloadable game for Windows

Play as Unity-Chan and run a gun store and craft guns for your customers! Every day there is a new allotment of resources shipped directly to you in order to keep the store afloat. Set your own prices and craft guns to meet your customer's needs. As the days progress,  the customers arrive more frequently. Try your best to upgrade the store and make as much money as possible.

How to play

The objective of the game is to craft guns for customers to achieve a higher rank and earn more money. The game uses a day where one-day spans from 7 pm to 4 am.
At the end of the day, the totals are tallied up. At a higher ranking, players are encouraged to use the book and adjust the prices for a better payout. Denying a customer a gun may be necessary at times too. But for each day completed there is an allowance of more crafting materials.

Press E button to enter Menus

Press Q to exit out of menus

Press Esc to pause the game, you can also quit the app from here.

Tips for playing the game and using the menu system

Play in windowed mode for best results with the hud

All guns at the workbench require gunpowder. You can only prepare gunpowder from the keg by the shelf if your hands are empty. Use the supply chest to quickly swap
an item in the player's hand with whatever is in the chest slot you click on. A white box represents an empty slot.

When using the storage menu. The large shelf

1. Left Click to put an item into your hand.
2. If you are holding the same type of item you click on, that item will go back into the storage chest. Be mindful of this for craft recipes that require duplicates.
3. If your hands are full, and you left click on another item that is not in your hands, that item will go into the supply chest if there is room in there. This is how you manage duplicates. 
4. You cannot store gunpowder in storage

Tip: Try to pick items you need one of first that way you can quickly fill the chest with items you need multiples of. See the video for more details.

When using the Furnace and Bench menus:

if you click on an empty slot, the item in your hand will go into it. 
If you click on an empty slot and there is no item in your hand, the next item in your supply chest will be put into the slot. Reading left to right (1,2,3)
If you click on a slot that has an item it will go into your hand, otherwise, it will go back into the chest. In the next free spot, again reading let to right.

Check the craft recipes for these stations by moving the mouse over the pixel sprites for more details on necessary parts.

At any time press Esc to pause the game and stop time. You can also quit the game this way. On day one only one customer is allowed into the store at a time; That will change in later days of play.

Install instructions

Unpack the zip, run the .exe file, and enjoy


Gunsmith.RAR 114 MB