A downloadable game for Windows

Hi, thanks again for taking interest in playing my game.
I just have a few things to quickly explain.

Use the "a" and "d" keys to walk around
use the "w" and "s" keys to move the ship's hook
Press the "P" key to punch
Use the "c" key to change the camera view to first person

////////////////////How to Play////////////////////////////////////////
Avoid trash in the water, it slows the Captain and his hook down.

The Objective of the game is to defend the captain as well as guide the
hook towards the treasure chest onto the sea floor. Once the chest is attached to the hook, you will hear a bell. Then it's time to reel the treasure back up to the ship!

The orange meter on the top left represents the Captains oxygen. If it is depleted, your game is Over!!!. 
You can refill his oxygen tank by picking up the H20 cans on the screen

The level is won when the Treasure reaches the surface.

Fish get faster as time progresses, they wull spawn more frequently, and the speed of the hook itself will also slow down.

//Empty atm

Install instructions

Download the zip, launch the .exe and enjoy! For best results play the game windowed on the smallest window settings available


CaptainFishpuncherDemo.RAR 30 MB